Tuesday, February 06, 2007

technology is a beautiful thing, it really is. i have a complete love/hate relationship with technology though. not in the normal kind of way. i don't tend to get pissed off and confused by computers because i have an intelligence and ability to adapt that surpasses the average catfish. some people apparently do not. but not me, no, i love all the latest gadgets and toys. whatever it is, i don't care. is it new and does it have pretty lights? all i need to know. unfortunately there is a slightly schizophrenic side to me that ends up breaking or losing every piece of modern wizardry i get within two weeks of having it. without fail. hence i can be found bounding across the meadows singing loudly to myself because it's the only way to do that walk without an ipod.

because you get addicted to technology. it's true, you do and it happens like all addictions do, without you even realising until it's a major factor in your life. from the age of 13 i've had a mobile. half of my social interactions were done through texts, every smallest detail communicated instantly. and you never stop wondering, 'what the fuck did people do before the mobile?' take computers, same problem again. tv, same again. car. train. aaaaaaand that's about it. there was nothing else really addictive and necessary before that. and by addictive and necessary i mean fun.

people have this romantic view of life without television (thankfully it's dying out with the elderly population) where people are happy just sitting being people. bollocks! absolute tosh, families would just sit in one room with the parents praying they had something to do that was more interesting to beating the kids and the kids wished they had something to do other than 'tripping down the stairs' again.

people are happier now with better technology. they must be. you can entertain yourself in myriad of ways never before possible. look at something like http://www.youtube.com no matter who you are i'm sure you could lose yourself for hours looking at the videos. and this is people instantly recording videos and exchanging them. with anyone else on the 'net. and we can download music and videos, so many things.

if you don't believe me, look at it like this. in the last 20 years we've gone from, 'wow, computers' to 'wow, computer graphics' to 'wow, the internet' to 'wow, mp3s' and so forth. it's incredible how far technology has advanced, in all aspects of life. you can't help but be in awe of what the human race can now achieve, the power we have to create things and advance the species.

this was how people 500 years ago felt about bridges.
'dear god, lord falkenbern. is that the new bridge?'
'aye, it is. they've made it with only two archways spanning a 30-foot gap.'
'will the laws of man and science know no bounds? how long can we play god for?'
etc., you get the idea.

last point, promise. if you bothered to read all that then you are definitely too addicted to doing boring things on your computer. good job! i feed off your apathy.

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