Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ok, let me explain. i did not write all those blogs in a matter of minutes. that would be insane and require skills in bending the time space continuum to match hiro. if you have no idea what that means then you should start watching heroes. cos it's ace. i've decided that facebook will not be the only place where i post notes. no! i shall use blogspot too. is this important and do you care? the answer to both of those should be no. i just wanted to say it so now you know.

i think the fancy black is cooler than facebook anyway. plus, it says 'slow hole to china' at the top of the page which is just mint.

i say mint because i'm drinking peppermint tea. why? i hate herbal teas. they taste like gnats piss. it's a hot, watery version of the taste you're looking for. for example: blackcurrant tea. fuck that, drink hot ribena. at least it's got some taste. and sugar, which is good for the diabetes. apparently.

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