Saturday, February 10, 2007

wine: when grape juice goes bad

here's the rub: it's 3.25 and i have nothing to do. and there's a bottle of open wine next to me. now, i don't want to drink this wine, it's just i've been carrying it round with me since last night for reasons i won't go into. suffice to say a lack of keys and sleeping on matt's couch lead to this situation. now i'll be the first to admit that i enjoy a drink. or two. lots. i'm borderline alcoholic. it's not big, it's not clever but fukkit, it's honest. but even i feel that laying into a bottle of dirt cheap red wine at 3 in the afternoon is pushing it. so to distract myself i've been watching girls aloud videos on youtube.

you decide which is more fucking pathetic.

actually i don't know why i'm worrying about this anyway, the scotland vs. wales game is about to start. it's pretty much compulsory to be drinking in a pube for that so my ethical dilemma is at an end. huzzah.

but before i go i feel i should moan about something. it's pretty much expected isn't it? well i'll moan about people telling me i moan. see what i've done there? that's why my life is considerably more rewarding than yours. i'll think of something better to put here later.

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