Tuesday, February 06, 2007

After an all-nighter of playing Guitar Hero and We Heart Katamari I feel like my brain is running out through my nose. But that doesn't matter, because of the awesomeness that are these two games. Guitar Hero is surely the ultimate party game. What board game allows you to don a guitar and thrash your way through Black Sabbath's Iron Man? There's no way to explain that feeling of hitting every note (OK, nearly every note) in a solo before kicking on with the verse. Well, maybe actually being able to play it on a real guitar, but who's got time to do that eh?

And as for We Heart Katamari... how do you explain a game like that? A game where the concept is to roll a ball over lots of different things until you get big enough to roll over and pick up other things. Sounds dull? It's not. It's the biggest headfuck of a game ever, and it's bloody brilliant. It's perfectly normal to hear someone say, 'Is that a boy in his swimming trunks down on all-fours being straddled by a panda?' before rolling a ball over them and picking them both up, and then moving on to bigger and weirder things.

Play both these games. They are the definition of fun and original computer games. FACT.

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