Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ar AC/DC, your sexual innuendos will never get old. But you have, which is a shame 'cause old rock stars just ain't cool. It's true, look at people like the Stones and Cream last year getting back together for 'one last tour'. Black Sabbath are alright 'cause they were always so fucked that they never really moved or did much on stage anyway. Not that the other bands haven't done plenty of drugs in their time. People always point to Keith Richards as an example of someone who's kept alive by drugs, which is almost certainly true and fair play to him for it. But they forget about the likes of Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney who also did their fair share of drugs and nowadays seem relatively normal. For a given level of normal. In a way. Well Maccas did marry that one-legged foetus so not all the lights can be on...
The thing about these bands that really skull fucks me though is the price you have to pay to see 'their last ever tour'. Don't these guys have enough money by now? Surely there's only so many heated swimming pools you can fit into one estate? Meh, maybe I'm just annoyed that I'll never see the Stones when they first started playing in a Richmond pub like my dad did. The bastard.
And that is why I hate my father.
I don't, I love him.
He knows what good rock is anyway. Or at least he likes the bands I like. Wait, that doesn't sound too hip/down with the kids. Hmmm.... i'll edit that later...

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