Tuesday, February 06, 2007

If you're gonna buy a pint at least fucking finish it. I'm fed up of clearing away half finished pints at the pub I work in. Honestly, who buys an alcoholic drink at the price of £2.50 and upwards, only to give up halfway through and leave it? At 1am when you've had one too many already and you're fucked, fair enough, but at 7pm? That's just a pathetic waste of money and I won't stand for it anymore. I won't I tells ya. There are countless students who would kill to hoover up the half pints that I have to throw away and the fact that these people have the arrogance to buy drinks and then not finish them is nothing short of racist. Or whatever the closest accurate phrase is.

But seriously, I'm drunk, it's late, I'm listening to White Stripes and I need to get up early tomorrow so I can go to the library and study my ass off. Thank God for the fact that clocks go back an hour today. An hour's lie in! Shame I have no one to make me go to bed, but there ya go. Be like thes squirrel. What the hell does that even mean? I should just make a bit of a shout out (whatever that means) to poeple in Galois. Thanks be to you for what was awesome fun, and surprisingly successful. Whilst in the queue at ScotMid tonight, some random bloke said he'd come to see the play last night and really enjoyed it. This is unprecedented stuff, whoop.

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