Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So that's it. 100GB of music and TV shows that are impossible to revover from my external hard drive. Gone. Finished. FUCK. Yes, I'm slightly annoyed. Partly because I listen to music a lot, partly because I was only halfway through the series 3 of Angel.

If I had my iPod it would be ok. But no. Some cunt stole that. And so begins the epic task of getting all my music back through the magic that is Soulseek. This could take a while...

On a plus note, they did catch the git who stole all the stuff from my room back in November. I was amazed and impressed. Not that I get any of my stuff back, he sold that long ago. He was a drug addict too. Maybe if he didn't have to steal to get drugs we'd both be better off... ar well. I'm currently helping the police with enquiries, meaning that they keep phoning and leaving messages trying to get hold of me and vice versa. Just as well the criminals are even less well organised.

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