Wednesday, March 07, 2007

don't worry, i got her a part in the new vin diesel movie

so as i was sitting here flicking through the net and listening to itunes on shuffle i heard this gem of a song: message in blood by pantera. it has some of the funniest lyrics i've heard in a long time:

I'm provoked into sick confrontations, brutal
Time after time, bed of nails, suffocation,
Lifes ending, slay in different designs
One mans misery is another mans mystery
No one cares to understand my
Demented means
Sticks and stones can break all your
Brittle bones, epitaph written at your feet

Its a message in blood
Its your cryptic warning
Within the message in blood
Marks the years of pain,
And your godforsaken ending to life

i think 'one man's misery is another man's mystery' is probably the best thing since blake. a piece of music hasn't touched me like this since 'last resort'. coby feels my pain. this is why i listen to the guitars, not the lyrics cos 9 out of 10 times they're bollocks.

of course many people mishear lyrics, the classic example being jimi hendrix's purple haze with the line ''scuse me while i kiss the sky' which many people think goes ''scuse me while i kiss this guy'. an easy mistake to make, but the latter is something i'd be likely to say, not jimi.

there used to be a website dedicated to mishearing lyrics, but i saw it about 5 years ago so cock knows what it was called. this may seem like a dull and pointless topic to start with and you'd be right, but i'm trying not to talk about valentine's day.

yes, it's that time of the year again. normally i'd go off on one about what a ridiculous day it is, but i've done that so many times i grow weary, plus colleen's note has mellowed me somewhat. besides, i have other things to worry about, like the second night of sour heart. first night went ok, just need to blitz it tonight. try and give someone a heart attack by popping out of their seat when they least expect it, that kind of thing.

speaking of exciting stuff, latest episodes of heroes is up. i've said it once and i'll say it many, many times until everyone listens to me: this is awesome stuff. it takes a while for all the stories to get going, but i'm loving it at the moment, check it out. if anyone tells you otherwise let me know and i'll stop time, steal their clothes and tattoo 'philistine' across their forehead in an instant.

what the fuck is wrong with facebook? am i the only one constantly getting asked to login every time i view a page? and now apparently i'm not a member of any groups...ever since i made my birthday event facebook has been caving in on itself like a mine made from whipped cream. daddy's very sick... hmmm.... i seem to care more about facebook not working than my gran's impending operation, insanity and likely death. it's a cruel world.

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