Saturday, March 03, 2007

attencion. wait, is that a word?

i just want to say this straight off: can the media please stop doing these stories about david cameron smoking a spliff and can anyone that cares, not? not because it's david cameron and it might damage his reputation, i couldn't give a fuck. which is the thing, most people couldn't give a fuck. almost every single person i know below the age of 40 has smoked a joint at some point in their life, the fact that he has is not important and it's not news. things like his policies, the middle east, sudan, bonsai kittens. these are news stories, probably. i don't know, i hardly read the papers these days, although i do now have a subscription to the economist so there's hope yet.

besides, he went to eton so private eye's bound to find worse stuff than that. ooh... public school rivalry humour. how in touch with modern culture i am. it's the
sour heart cast getting to me... oh yeah, come and see that, please. thanking you. starts tomorrow, hence the demented zelda. if i could count down the days i would but alas i have zero knowledge of editing pictures. momma didn't raise no graphic designer. also, if you haven't seen it yet, check this out. it's a hilarious video, felix's outburst has a wonderful built up and makes me laugh. becca felix xander and matt have also done some trés sexy film stuff for sour heart. even more reason to come see it.

speaking of zelda, i hope my brother got my hints at christmas that i reeeeeaaally want a nintendo wii for my 21st. he's working now, he can afford one i'm sure... i still act like a kid when it comes to my brithday, i love 'em. and soon i shall organise what i'm going to be doing for a party on the 23rd. probably a flat party at mine on 23rd February, which is a friday. i'll make the inevitable event and invite sometime soon. think of this as an advance notice to you who bother to read these. yes, i give back to the community.

however, due to the awesomeness that is sour heart (on this week, tues-sat. 7.30pm. £3/£3.50/£4, come see it, it's going to be amazing, etc.) my parents are going to be up this weekend. and they think i'm going on a pub crawl, for reasons of my lease not allowing flat parties. which is gay, which is why flat party it is. but they can never know. my entire destiny depends upon it. great, i'm turning 21 and worrying about my parents finding out about my secret party. oh yeah, i'm becoming a man alright.

the party will be great, lots and lots of free booze if all goes to plan. and who knows, maybe even a theme if i'm feeling extravagant.

this is totally not what i was planning to write about but my mind wandered in that direction so there you go. now i've forgotten what it was i was orginally going to write about. so i'll wrap it up with this: hilarious bottom live scene which i know at least stephen will appreciate.

that's sour heart.

this week, 7.30pm.

one of my favourite bottom moments

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