Sunday, August 10, 2008

Titus Andronicus

Renowned as Shakespeare’s gorefest, Titus Andronicus has little to recommend it over other tragedies beyond its uber-violence and the unsettling effect it can have on its audience. It’s such a shame then that this production shows no imagination in its staging. The violence is more bland than disturbing, the plethora of opportunities to draw an unwillingly complicit audience into a visceral world of bloodlust involve either a desensitised and unconnected stabbing motion, or, even more criminally, the distant and utterly pointless inclusion of video footage. Only Bob Hamilton as Titus shows any taste for the manic, the final image of him dressed as a bloody chef giving the briefest of glimpses at what could have been a grotesque macabre piece.
Sweet ECA, 2 – 9 Aug, 2.35pm (4.05pm), £8.00 (£7.00), fpp 237.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a gift for writing reviews. You manage to be both verbose AND provide next to no information about the show you've seen. I'm surprised that anyone except you thinks the stream of bile you produce could pass as anything informative. Judging from the fact no -one comments on here, it would seem that your pissant ramblings are probably only enjoyed by you, anyway.x

Dick Pennis said...

i don't know if you'll get an e-mail saying that i replied to this and i doubt you'll check, but fukkit.

this is just my opinion. i have to sum it up in 120 words. if i had more words to play with i would have gone into more depth about how this play does absolutely NOTHING to further theatre. titus andronicus has been done a million times and a million times better. do you want me to talk about how the performances were cliched, dull and plain bad? perhaps the appalling staging would be more appropriate?

fukkit, i decided to pick on the one major thing that was wrong that could be improved in this show. if you disagree fine, but that doesn't change the fact that anyone with half a braincell who isn't involved with the show/a friend of someone who is could see that there's nothing to recommend this show over all the other shit at the fringe. stop being anonymous and stand up you little bitch.