Monday, July 07, 2008

Resuming Transmission in 5,4,3...

This place has been more dead than a McCann recently for which I blame summer and after my last ridiculous diatribe I have decided not to try squeezing out some turd ablogtion for the sake of myself and the 13 people who read this (statcounter fact) so I'm taking a break until something obvious comes along and enjoying the summer rain.

However! in little over three weeks the wonderful Edinburgh Festival and all that sail in her sets forth and I'm going to be writing reviews for various rags which may or may not deem my opinions fit for publication so will be putting a lot of stuff up here. I'm aiming at trying to burn out entirely by the end so hopefully there'll be up to five reviews a day covering music, computer games, theatre and too... much... fucking... comedy.

And given that my blog doesn't have a mammoth team of sub-editors this will be the first place to come to if you wanna find out about some good and god-awful shows I've seen. And I may even find time to drunkenly rant about the Festival, so there'll be some stuff on here that a sensible editor won't touch with a lead glove. Tell your friends. The internet's gonna break my thumbs if I don't have a good month.

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